When Life Doesn’t Give You Lemons, Let the Crocodile Tears Flow

An Open Letter to White People

Cassandra Pilla 29.04.16

Everyone’s talking about it, so how can we ignore it? This week in “controversial” news: Beyoncé dropped her visual album Lemonade. The response has been huge, and with the release came the backlash from white people against Beyoncé. Several “celebrities” have come out to speak about Lemonade as a very controversial and discomforting piece of music media – I’m looking at you, Piers Morgan  and Iggy Azalea!

Continue reading “When Life Doesn’t Give You Lemons, Let the Crocodile Tears Flow”


The Revenant Fails to Represent

Carmina Ravanera and Cassandra Pilla. 27.01.2016

The Revenant is one of the most buzzworthy movies this season, with all the talk of the bear attack, Leo’s Oscar bait, and its beautiful aesthetics. It follows the story of frontiersman Hugh Glass and his quest for revenge after being abandoned and left to die by his companions in 19th century South Dakota. Continue reading “The Revenant Fails to Represent”

On Television Whiteness

Carmina Ravanera. 16.01.2016

A lot of memories come up when I think of my childhood: summer vacations canoeing on Ontario lakes, being really proud of the mural I painted in sixth grade, endless hours spent with Play-Doh, and watching TV and wondering why everyone was white, and why I wasn’t. Continue reading “On Television Whiteness”

Bond Girls: New versions of an old fantasy?

A Review of Spectre

Cassandra Pilla. 16.01.2015

Here be spoilers!

The James Bond franchise has been in action for over 50 years. And while James Bond endures, so do his many, many liaisons with various women: the Bond girls. While the movie Spectre expertly combines touches of classic Bond elements with features of the more recent movies, the roles of Bond girls seemed stuck in the past and continue to lack a sense of reality. Continue reading “Bond Girls: New versions of an old fantasy?”

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