Victoria Marie Page 25.01.17.

What’s worst
Looking jealous or crazy
Jealous n crazy
Or like being walked over lately
I’d rather be jealous and crazy
Jealous and crazy” – Beyonce

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Second Dates

Victoria Marie Page 26.12.16.

Not even at the second date yet and we’re already married, baby on the way and living in a beautiful big apartment, at least in my head…and not just with him, but it seems I’ve been married, become pregnant by, and moved in with multiple men, all before knowing whether they snore or if we’ll have orgasmic sex (clearly the important things to know about a potential life long partner).

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Intersectionality as Dangerous Work: Race, Gender and the Presidential Elections

Rachele Megna. 26.11.16.

Intersectionality is a legal strategy developed by K. Crenshaw in 1989 to highlight and change the discriminatory legal framework governing the American social justice system. It draws its theoretical framework from the black feminist trajectory born out of the anti-slavery movement. Crenshaw analyses a number of different court cases in the US in which the violent, discriminatory experiences of black women are systematically unrecognized, furthering the marginalization of this social constituency. Continue reading “Intersectionality as Dangerous Work: Race, Gender and the Presidential Elections”

Woman to Woman

Victoria Marie Page. 23.03.16.

A friend and I were speaking last week. After recent break ups, disappointing flings, and frustrations with men as partners, we decided we wanted to see if things were any different, or really any better, if we turned our attention to women. Continue reading “Woman to Woman”

The Solution to Brazil’s Gun Violence: Easing Gun Laws?

Victoria Marie Page. 18.02.2016.

In 2014 an estimated 60,000 people were murdered in Brazil, one of the highest murder rates in the world. The majority of murders were by firearms and the majority of victims were young, male and identified as black. The solution proposed to congress has been to ease gun restrictions. The proposed Bill would see the age of gun ownership lowered from 25 to 21 years old and would give “citizens” a right to own guns to protect their property. Continue reading “The Solution to Brazil’s Gun Violence: Easing Gun Laws?”

The Revenant Fails to Represent

Carmina Ravanera and Cassandra Pilla. 27.01.2016

The Revenant is one of the most buzzworthy movies this season, with all the talk of the bear attack, Leo’s Oscar bait, and its beautiful aesthetics. It follows the story of frontiersman Hugh Glass and his quest for revenge after being abandoned and left to die by his companions in 19th century South Dakota. Continue reading “The Revenant Fails to Represent”

London as a ‘Feminista’ Space

Rachele Megna. 16.01.2016

Judith Butler, among others, have discussed the role of language as performative, as an agentic element of which the subject is “made up”, and through which an individual is enabled to enter social life. Continue reading “London as a ‘Feminista’ Space”

Bond Girls: New versions of an old fantasy?

A Review of Spectre

Cassandra Pilla. 16.01.2015

Here be spoilers!

The James Bond franchise has been in action for over 50 years. And while James Bond endures, so do his many, many liaisons with various women: the Bond girls. While the movie Spectre expertly combines touches of classic Bond elements with features of the more recent movies, the roles of Bond girls seemed stuck in the past and continue to lack a sense of reality. Continue reading “Bond Girls: New versions of an old fantasy?”

“Brocialism” Strikes Back: A case from Italian trade unions

Roberta Patellaro 16.01.2016

As a leftist feministX, I have always maintained a specific drive towards workers’ rights and class struggle. I feel like I have duly done all my homework carefully reading anything from Marx to Trotsky, to Rosa Luxemburg, to the highest strategists of Italian communism, from Gramsci to Berlinguer. Continue reading ““Brocialism” Strikes Back: A case from Italian trade unions”

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