Victoria Marie Page18.02.2017.


You killed me
Stamped on my chest
Words on the soles of your feet
As you opened your mouth
My heart crumbled 
Broken glass
Fell from the sky
And washed the pain away
Tearing open my skin
But I found feathers
Red and gold
Reflecting the light
Of the sun
I lifted myself off my hands and knees
Scars etched into my heart
Wounds weeping with each beat
I tore the nails from my fingers
With my own mouth
Turned them into needles and
Stitched the feathers onto my back
No longer able to hold on to you
I gave into the air
Breathed in sorrow
One last time
Leant forward

And let go


Taste of Freedom

I never gave you freedom
I held on to you too tightly
You pushed me away with so much force
I stumbled
You see
Some of us don’t know how to love
My mother used to cry
Deep inside
Freedom tasted bitter to her
Like the ale in my dad’s hand


The moon in a clear night sky

I hold my breath
in the palm of my hands
Fingers wrapped into each other
It happens every time I think of you
It’s not intentional
My fists tighten before I have time to stop my nails
Forging crevices deep into my skin

Does your heart ever stop
Just for a moment
When you hear my name
When you scroll past my face
Does it ever sink
Falling out of your mouth like a torrent
Landing in your stomach
With a bang
Only to find daggers?

Did your mother ever tell you she loved you
Hold you in her arms whilst she cried
Placing tears gently on to your lips
So that you would know the taste
And never need to shed a single one of your own?

Did I ever tell you how I loved you like the moon in a clear night sky?


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