Rachele Megna 28.12.16.

A dystopic view, the first thing that accompanies you into Manhattan during winter nights.

Tall buildings, squared windows – it’s you,

New York.

So scary, so determined – the city that never sleeps, of lights always switched on, of those who run frantically on 42nd on a Monday morning to get to the office on time for the first meeting. Of those working on Wall Street who take the E train at 2am to go home after extra hours of work.

And yet,

New York. The city. The place that is never static, that flows with you, whoever you are, and who never stops. The city of those who dance at BAM, who play beats in Harlem, of musicians, thinkers, incredible minds. The city that moves you and through which I move.

New York. In which every light and every sound is brought to its maximum, where every feeling has an echo beyond its own. Where vision and imagination are pushed to their apex.

New York. A beautiful, reckless dancer. A carefree spirit that never stops, who doesn’t listen but laughs, who doesn’t love but escapes faster. An uncatchable and vanishing, unsteady home.

From skyscrapers, to rivers, parks, rain, sunshine, snow, latinos, whites, blacks, young, old – she dances with you for as long as you can be courageous enough to keep up with her speed.

And more and more I know.

I want to hub stories of a million people, to explore a hundred languages. I want to always see with an open heart these beautiful mornings that make me tear up, all the luminosity and the power of this incredible city, where the shadows dance on their own. Where buildings have a soul and they move with this grandiose wholeness that is you,

New York.

To breathe life, to live with the wind, to run faster and laugh with your heart. To see with love, to speak with love, to love her fully and to never give up. To be stronger, and to deal with your smallness in this majesty,

New York.

A state of mind.

A million faces and eventually always one and the same, laughing and dancing naked in full swing in the early morning light.

New York.

Image from: http://images.fineartamerica.com/images-medium-large-5/abstract-living-new-york-city-brian-buckley.jpg